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  • Jonathan Maher
    Jonathan Maher
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Jonathan Maher inc.
    Fundamentally fond of customer service, it is not surprising that Jonathan Maher was elected rookie of the year at RE/MAX Quebec in his first year in 2015: he shows great rigor in his work, is courteous and efficient, follows up on short notice and is always available to reassure clients or answer their questions.

    The great pride of this broker is to have been able to forge solid relationships over the past few years. It's nice for him to take a client under my wing and know that he can refer him to trusted people as needed. Jonathan always prioritizes customer satisfaction: “I want to give the best of myself to my customers. When I work with them, I am 100% in their project. With me, no half measures! "

    There is no doubt that with him by your side, you will always be in good hands. Not yet convinced? Keep an eye out and you will see the streets, boulevards and avenues that Jonathan sold it!
  • Elise Bourque
    Elise Bourque
    Residential Real Estate Broker
  • Mélanie Bergevin
    Mélanie Bergevin
    Real Estate Broker
  • Jonathan Maher Jonathan Maher
  • Elise Bourque Elise Bourque
  • Mélanie Bergevin Mélanie Bergevin

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